Snoop Dogg Shrinks in New Wine Campaign to Show How to Chill: Meet Lil Snoop in Action!

Snoop Dogg Shrinks in New Wine Campaign

In the fast-paced world of iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, where his music blends with his ever-expanding entrepreneurship, it’s surprising that he finds time for anything at all. But fortunately for him, he now has the help of Lil Snoop to cover any gaps in his busy schedule.

Snoop Dogg Shrinks in New Wine Campaign

Renowned wine brand 19 Crimes has launched a new campaign featuring their long-time collaborator, Snoop Dogg. In collaboration with Observatory agency, «A New Way to Chill» introduces viewers to a miniature version of the rapper, who enjoys a glass of wine while the real Snoop remains busy.

These humorous commercials celebrate the release of Cali Blanc, 19 Crimes’ new Sauvignon Blanc. As Snoop is away on an international tour, he was unable to appear in the spots, but Lil Snoop takes the lead, relaxing by the pool and explaining the importance of taking time to enjoy life’s finer things, even when schedules are full.

Action Snoop

This is 19 Crimes Wine’s second action figure, with the first being Martha Stewart for the release of Martha’s Chardonnay. Teaming up with artist Dan Chung, this poseable toy is identical to Snoop, down to his clothing and sunglasses.

Snoop Dogg Shrinks in New Wine Campaign

«Snoop has been a dream collaborator and has taken our 19 Crimes brand to the next level with the expansion of his Cali Collection,» said John Wardley, 19 Crimes global vice president, in a statement. «We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Snoop Cali Blanc to the rest of the world and introduce the first white wine to his legendary collection.»

The «A New Way to Chill» campaign premiered on April 12th on TV, YouTube TV, and social media. Snoop Cali Blanc is now available for purchase.