When Cheech Marin finds himself in a life-or-death situation, he asks for another opportunity to live life. He’s granted his wish and is sent back to the 1970’s as a kid. Now, with the mindset and experiences of an adult Cheech, but trapped in a Lil’ Cheech’s body, he decides to make the right choices in life this time around. But time will show that re-living life is not as simple as it sounds…

Lil’ Cheech: Time Warp
Hop aboard the psychedelic time-travel train with «Lil’ Cheech: Time Warp,» an animated carnival of laughs set in the lively realm of the 1970s. This series spins a wild and funny yarn about the unforgettable high school adventures of a young Cheech Marin, destined to become one half of the legendary comedy duo, Cheech & Chong.
From the dynamic heart of South Central Los Angeles, Lil’ Cheech, characterized by his distinctive shaggy hair and innate comic spirit, is not your average high schooler. Together with his unique squad of buddies, each filled to the brim with eccentricities, he maneuvers the wacky wormholes of time and the chaos of adolescence.
Fasten your seat belts for laugh-out-loud exploits as Lil’ Cheech zips through time, outfoxing the Victorian-obsessed school principal, or turning a 1950s high school auditorium into a full-blown Woodstock extravaganza! Whether he’s slipping into the future to dodge math tests, or bringing a touch of the 21st century to the bewildered gym teacher, no moment is without a hilarious historical hiccup.
This temporal joyride also provides a heartwarming glimpse into Lil’ Cheech’s initial strides towards comedy greatness. Each episode creatively interweaves riotous hijinks with sweet snapshots of a star in the making, against a dynamic, era-hopping soundtrack.
«Lil’ Cheech: Time Warp» is a journey through time that’s rich in comedy and affectionate nostalgia. Filled to the brim with giggles, heart, and a cavalcade of time-traveling mayhem, it’s a ride that’s sure to entertain. So strap in, adjust your temporal transmitters, and get ready for a rip-roaring voyage through the decades!
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