PETA has launched an advertising campaign with a puppet show for children


The organization, dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals, PETA has launched an advertising campaign urging consumers to stop buying animal-derived products, including wool. And it does so with a cleverly disguised ad, which parodies a classic children’s television show from the 80s or 90s.

What is this advertising campaign about?

It is a film, created by the British agency House 337, featuring actress and comedian Jessie Cave on the singing set of the fictional Red River Farm.

There, she meets a cast of adorable puppet animals, including a sheep, a chicken, and a cow; the friendly characters sing a cheerful melody, but their lyrics hide a dark message about the cruel treatment they suffer in the name of fashion.

Photo: PetaUk

The sheep shows an open wound on its back, while the cow cheerfully sings about being «branded and abused» as «fashion is the excuse.»

After Cave meets an abused snake, the animals return to the scene and instantly share the truth about animal cruelty in fashion with the audience. The campaign will run for the next two years on major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

What is PETA goal with this advertising campaign?

PETA has launched an advertising campaign with a puppet show for children to challenge the outdated perception that many people have about how clothing is made and has wanted to show the true face of the industry.


Photo: Daily Mail

The agency House 337 has been tasked with creating a «powerful, memorable, and comparable» video that encourages people to adopt vegan fashion, according to agency creative director Steve Hawthorne.

With its puppet show, the organization is playing with nostalgia to create an emotionally resonant experience. The campaign is both impactful and motivating, making it a success in terms of advertising strategy. As the end of the ad says: «Shop as if your lives depend on it. Do not buy wool, feathers, or leather.»

An advertising campaign with a clear message and a creative and surprising way of presenting it.